Company Profile

GKG Consulting is an independent consulting and advisory firm that offers
international corporations and interest groups integrated, one-stop service
solutions. Headquartered in
the Americas, GKG Consulting possesses a
unique service expertise with clients of nearly every size and stage in a wide
range of industries. Industry sectors include, but are not limited to, the
following: Logistics, trade, communications and information technology.

Since 1998
GKG Consulting relies on a dedicated staff and associate network
of experts from consulting, academia and industry to assist in client projects
and to provide cost effective, unique insights into global markets and related
business opportunities. A multinational team of experienced professionals
readily answers individual client needs, ranging from everyday to highly
specialized service tasks.

GKG Consulting believes in providing highest quality and accuracy consulting
services to its worldwide clients, while adhering to strict codes of modern
business conduct and confidentiality.